Passion fruit puree enters strict South Korea market

After Laos, Thailand and China, South Korea is the next market which Nanufood JS Company brings its products to retail chanels. This is an important mark of Nanufood by South Korea is strict & competitive market compared to domestic market products. 

South Korea has imported huge of agricultural goods valued USD billions every year, this is great challenge for business enterprises by meeting very strict quality standard of products. Overcome quality standards, Nanufood JS Company has exported successfully Frozen Passion fruit puree to South Korea and this product is welcomed and favored by Korean people. The statistic shows that about 46 tons of Passion fruit puree have been exported to South Korea from early of 2020.


Nước chanh dây xuất khẩu Nanufood
Export Frozen passion fruit puree to South Korea

From January 2020, Nanufood has exported  46 tons of Frozen passion fruit puree to South Korea

Frozen passion fruit puree is one of main products of Nanufood, equipments alsway are improved, raw materials are well chosen, production process alsway meets technical standards & food safety regulations; in addition product price is competitive, passion fruit puree are highly applied in sciences, good for health. 


Nước chanh dây cấp đông đóng chai xuất khẩu
Bottled Frozen passion fruit puree for export

Nanufood Frozen passion fruit puree is favored by Korean

During many years, Nanufood has alsway made efforts to bring its products to oversea markets and competition ability has been improved more and more. 

Nanufood JS Company tries to be the leader of dried fruits manufacturer in Vietnam. 

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