Tropical dried mango export to Russia

Within 2 continuous quarters of 2020, regardless of virus epidemic – Nanufood JS Company has done many OEM orders of Soft dried mango to Russia. These orders mark success of Nanufood’s dried mango which have been favoured by Russian people.

Xoai say deo


Nanufood- Dried mango (15)

Xoai 2 Xoai say deo new 2 Xoai say deo new 3

Under packing from 200g – 450g – 500g – 1kg/zipper bag, Vietnamese soft dried mango is favored by cheap price, eye-catching package, tasteful flavor of sweet and a little bit sour. This promises the future of Vietnamese dried fruits get closer to customers around the world.

Xoai say deo Xoai say deo Xoai say deo Xuong san xuat xoai
Xuong san xuat xoai say deo (11) Xoai say deo Xoai say deo Box Packing


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