Nhà máy sản xuất trái cây sấy An Phú
Company overview:

Founded in 2018, Nanufood (member of An Thai Group specializes manufacturing & exporting coffee) is one of first enterprises on manufacturing & trading Dried Fruits in Viet Nam.

All Nanufood products follow closed supply chain from choosing seedling, clean input materials, they are naturally, no chemicals, high nutrients and ensure consumer’s health.

Now, Nanufood products have gradually entered local markets and being exported to foreign markets. Our young enthusiastic staffs would like to bring Nanufood products – made-in-Vietnam goods closer to local consumers and the world.


Building Nanufood JS Company to be one of leading companies in  trading clean & healthy foods in Vietnam. Enhance Vietnamese agricultural products volume in local & foreign markets.


Our mission is bringing 100% natural products of real value to customers. Serving modern & convenient life but keeping nutritional value in every product.

Production capacity:

Human resource:

160 workers has high professional qualification.


An Phu factory is a unit that produces, processes dried fruits for Nanufood JSC (established from 2016) has invested and constructed the factory right in the centre of wide material area, it is able to select input materials with highest quality satisfy hygiene and food safety requirements, also highest rigorous standards from the world.

Nanufood keeps improving and investing high technology equipments. We’re proud of owning leading production chain of dried fruits:

  • 10 Vacuum drying machines: 50-60kg/load/type/machine (480 kg/day, 20 tons/month)
  • 01 Freeze drying machine: 200 kg/load (1 ton/month)
  • 01 Soft drying machine: 2.000 kg/load (30 tons/month)
  • 01 Spray drying machine: 500 kg/hr
  • 01 Passion fruit puree machine: 5.000 kg/day (seedless), 10.000 kg/day (seed).

Hình ảnh có thể có: trong nhà và món ăn
Hình ảnh có thể có: 1 người, bàn và trong nhà


  • Certificate of Food Safety
  • Certificate of food safety management system HACCP
  • Certificate of Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015
  • Halal (Jakim) certificate
  • COA Food Inspection Form (all products)
  • Product testing results issued by Eurofin
  • Self-declaration of product, COA (all products)
Không có mô tả ảnh. Chứng nhận Halal (Jakim) Không có mô tả ảnh. Không có mô tả ảnh.

Main markets:

Local: E-commerce, supermarkets (3 Sạch Food, San Hà Foods store, Satra Foods, Nông Sản Nhà Quê, Vissan, Faca mart), agencies, distributors

Export: Laos, Thailand, China, Russia, South Korea


  • Conference promotes trade between Thailand and Vietnam held by the Business Association of Overseas Vietnamese and the Business Association of Thai Vietnam in Udon Thani Province Sept 27 to 30, 2019
  • Southern land cuisine festival May, 2019.