Nanufood links with Factories who have specialized in producing tropical FRUIT PUREE and FRUIT CONCENTRATE in aseptic tanks and aseptic bags for the domestic and export markets. Our processing plant can manufacture with a capacity 10,000 tons/ year. Fully modern automatic equipment installed meets the serious requirements of food safety, energy-saving and environmentfriendly. We have worked closely with farmers for controlling well the agricultural value chain from fields to customers.

Main products are fruit juice and canned fruit juice for export. Our products are exported to European countries, USA and Japan, South Korea, China, Switzerland, Netherlands, Thailand Malaysia, Philippines. Our products always meet hygiene and food safety requirements.

The quality management systems follow the BRC Food, HACCP, ISO 22000, HALAL, KOSHER, GLOBAL G.A.P, FDA Standards to bring Vietnamese fruits all over the world.
Our products: Red dragon fruit puree, Lime puree, Passion fruit puree, Soursop puree, Mango puree, Noni puree, Calamansi puree, Watermelon puree….
Frozen (Cold cont): Aseptic (Normal cont):
* 180 kgs/PE/Drum:
– 72 drums/20ft RF
– 125 drums/40 ft RF
* 20 kgs/PE/Carton:
– 800 cartons/20 ft RF
– 1200 cartons/40 ft RF
* 200 kgs/Aseptic/Drum:
– 80 drums/20ft DC
– 114 drums/40 ft DC
* 20 kgs/Aseptic/Carton:
– 800 – 900 cartons/20 ft DC
– 1200 cartons/40 ft DC